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Our Programs

Our Taylor Evans location is licensed to accommodate 117 children. Children can register either full time (five days a week) or part-time (2 or 3 days a week) in any of our programs. The full day toddler & preschool programs operate year-round with the exception of statutory holidays.

Our Before and After School Program (BASP) operates out of Taylor Evans & Kortright Hills Public Schools. They run concurrent with the school year operating days and closures. Based on enrolment/need, we also offer full day care for these programs on P.A days as well as during summer , winter and March breaks.

Each program provides engaging activities that meet age appropriate learning outcomes for the different age groups and are tailored for individuals within those groups to maximize the learning opportunities in an inclusive environment


18 months - 30 months

The toddler program focuses on cooperative play in a social setting, engaging children in creative experiences that allow for self-expression while promoting independence through exploration and developing positive values in partnership with the families.


31 months - 5 Years old

Our preschool program builds on existing abilities with a focus on developing friendships through group and partnered activities, encouraging independence in self-help skills, and promoting positive self-esteem contributing to required skillsets for entering kindergarten.

JK/SK Before & After School Program

This before and after school program is designed to complement your child’s kindergarten experience with a focus that encourages independent thinking, problem solving, and promotes positive academic and social skills.

School Age Before & After School Program

Grade 1- 6

A before and after school program that provides opportunities for your child to indulge in self-directed activities with peers encouraging co-operation, self-awareness and community values contributing to future growth and learning.

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