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Board of Directors

Wellington Early Learning Centre is a non-profit organization whose operations are managed by an Executive Board and overseen by a governing Board of Directors.

A non-profit organization is structured so that a group of committed individuals is operating as the board of directors. We are required to have a Board of 5 to 11 directors (members), consisting of both community members and parents. Within the Board, the positions are president, secretary and treasurer which creates the Board Executive. The other members attend all board meetings, vote on issues, sit on committees and form the governance direction of the organization. As governance is the Boards role, they oversee all policies and procedures that affect the organization.These policies and procures get voted on and passed at Board meetings.The Board does not play a direct role in the day-to-day operations of Wellington Early Learning Centre

Interested in becoming a Board member, or learning more about the Board?

Please email:

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