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Child Doing Art Activity

Our philosophy and program statement

At Wellington Early Learning Centres Inc., we believe that each child is a capable, competent being. Children learn through self-directed play and exploration. The educators provide guidance and direction through nurturing authentic, caring relationships and supporting meaningful participation.

We provide an environment that builds resilience, self-esteem and problem solving skills.  We work to enhance children’s natural sense of wonder, encourage them to be observant, and provide occasion for discovering answers to their many questions.  This provides each child with the opportunity to develop to his or her fullest potential. 

We believe children develop to their optimum if their uniqueness is respected. A child who feels good about him/herself is a happy child. To help create self-approval in a child, the child’s feelings, whatever they may be, are recognised and accepted without criticism. At the same time we will promote positive problem solving that develops empathy and an understanding of how to function within a group setting.

We provide learning environments designed to provide the child with the materials he or she needs to promote independent thinking, enhance social skills and build upon prior knowledge. As a child gains experiences, he or she adapts this new knowledge in a way that is relevant to his or her own developmental stage.


We believe that through the encouragement of Early Childhood Educators and peers, a child will be able to safely explore as far as his or her curiosity leads. Through the many activities offered in the Centre, a child will develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually with the guidance of qualified professionals.

We provide Early childhood educators, who observe, assess, and document what is seen as the learning process, skill achievement and learning outcomes for the children. 

We believe that by paying close attention to how concepts are learned by children individually and as a group, we can continuously refine the educational process, and at the same time share it with you, the families.

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Kids Painting
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