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Family Supports

The County of Wellington offers a great variety of supports for families. Please visit the link below, to learn more about what they offer and if your family could utilize their resources and supports. 

Family on Digital Tablet
  • Do I need to contact you every 6 months to stay on the waiting list?
    No, there is no need to contact us every 6 months. We will keep you on the list and contact you if a spot becomes available.
  • When do spots open up?
    Most of our spots become available between July & September each year.
  • What is your child to teacher ratio?
    Toddlers 1:5 Preschool 1:8 Jk/Sk Before and After School 1:13 School Age Before and After School 1:15
  • What do you serve for meals and snacks?
    Our centre is catered by Wholesome Kids Catering. Please find our current up-to-date menu and catering infromation under the parents tab> Catering
  • What will my Toddler or Preschool child need on their first day?
    - Water Bottle - Outdoor & Indoor Shoes - A blanket for nap time - 2 full changes of clothes - Diapers, Wipes & Diaper cream (Unless your child is toilet trained)
  • How much time do the Toddler and Preschool children spend outside?
    They spend one full hour outside in the morning and one full hour outside in the afternoon. Weather permitting.
  • Can I come visit the centre?
    Yes, please contact us at 519-763-5540 or to schedule a tour of the centre. We typically do tours at 10:30am or 2pm.
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